Bastard of the Deep Blue Sea - CD

Bastard of the Deep Blue Sea - CD

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AM Taxi
Adam Krier - Vocals, Guitar, Keys 
Chris Smith - Drums, Backups, Percussion 
Jason Schultejann - Bass 
Jay Marino - Guitar, Backups 

Additional Artist
w/ Genevieve - Vocals on "Reckless in the Moonlight" (courtesy of Wind Up Records) 
Lou Waldmeir & T Kelly - Backups 
Dan Wade - Guitar solo on "Frostbit" 
Luke Schmitt - Rhodes on "Seams" 

Words by Adam Krier 
Music by Adam Krier w/ AM Taxi 
What sharp Teeth You Have (ASCAP) 
Recorded at IV Lab by Shane Hendrickson, Jay Marino, Rollin Weary and Mike Sportiello 
Mixed by J. Robbins 
"Seams" mixed by Manny Sanchez 
Mastered by Rollin Weary

Released on 12/5/2014